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The Executive BF Resort typically modified with outstanding amenities and facilities. They are to make the resort unique and enjoyable. The facilities located inside the Casa California resort also allow residents to save some capital that they could have used in getting the same services elsewhere.

Some of the amenities fitted in the area include;

  • Cascading rock garden where the children can play around freely
  • Garden with a trellis that allows the residents to have nature moments.
  • Magnificent, stylish, and landscaped entrance gate to identify the resort from the other residences.
  • Guard house at the resort entrance to ensure safety for the residents.
  • Strategically placed CCTV cameras. They assist in surveillance since the resort covers a large area.
  • The resort has a well-fitted perimeter fence that prevents interruption from outsiders.
  • Pocket garden to enhance the beauty of the property.


A large swimming pool to accommodate the large number of residents in Casa California resort.
Shop houses along the main road for easy access to the residents.
Boutiques and retail stores which have a well-distributed style in the Executive resort.

Other key features include;

  • Individual gates at each homestead  to ensure privacy
  • Extra land space for families who want a larger land space
  • Unique architectural and artistic designs of the houses that make the resort to stand out in the city.

The Casa California BF Executive management has super-flexible modes of payment that’s attracts the public to the resort. It encourages willing buyers to become part of the popular resort. It has several modes of payments for the customers to choose.

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